July 13, 2009

Design Thief OMG!! Help me

Hi Friends,

Please advice me what to do... one of guy came to me to have his website design by me...I design mock up for him he liked that too in fact he loved that but because of money he didn't gave me money(which I think now was an excuse) I was ok with that as he was asking 15 page website with flash in 1500 INR can you believe the standard of people...and how after few days I checked his domain and I was shocked that guy copied my design and jut change the colors and when I asked him he was not accepting this means see the limits of lie of guys speaking such a BIG LIE on face.Dude I design that design and just changing the color will not make that your creativity and your design.
(I wish I could give him tight slap on his face.)

So, furstated with that guy and his lies that I was assuming that there should be some copyright law too in the Creative field too.Because it is totally wrong stealing someone's creativity and hard work.(Although I abuse him a lot I cursed him a lot as he was also my friend which is more hurting).

But I wonder that so many negative and wrong people are around you ...they are ready to kill you they are ready to ditch they are so selfish that they are ready to do anything just to get success in life but have they ever think that on the cost of success what they are losing?? they are losing the self respect, Honesty , reputation and very important friends..like with my SO-CALLED FRIEND...he lost my friendship,my respect and now I just abuse him for me he is just THIEF...but on every serious note...We should have some copyright law on design too, so that designers like me can claim the cost of the work they done.

Well he get my design traced from some low cost designer(who are zero in very thing but people consider tham coz they charge 0 too for there work) and I feel so shamed that how his designer after getting the original design coudnt able to give the quality to the design.Shame on both the designer and this guy(THIEF)

www.ewebchamp.com (copied website)

Original Mock up That I created.(See the quality difference)