June 29, 2016

AskTheGoogle | gServe - How to start with Blogging?

On 28th June, I gave session in Google Gurgaon on "How to Start with Blogging".  There was 30+ guests from diverse background - NGOs, NPOs, Developers, Startups , Bloggers etc. It was very exciting to know

what make them to start their blog?
what makes them to not to start their blogs?

June 25, 2016

Doodle Saturday

Half of the Saturday spent in doodling and creating Doodles.

Introduction to Web Components

Web components are the W3 standards that let developer make its own custom element and let them think beyond the HTML tags. They make the code actually re-useable, also make the use of encapsulation and abstraction. 

June 24, 2016

Canvas Painting - DIY

I am not an artist but I love colors and keep trying my hands in that. So, this time I picked canvas ,  water color (camel) and start playing around. What came as an output is

Why OM? I don't know or might be that time I must be watching some religious serial (:p) . But I am so in love with this creation and now it is beautifully hanging in my room wall

So, do not stop yourself from doing something which you don't know especially in art. You never know what you will create!!

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JSLOVERS - Arduino Kit Giveaway

It is so awesome to see how much people are interested in the Giveaway organized by JSLOVERS. After submission of awesome ideas now it is time for voting the best idea.

Do not wait and read the all awesome ideas and vote for your favourite (s) one now!!

Doodle Day - Squats

So, I have been trying very hard to stay fit. To stay regular gym person but I love food and sleep more than gym :p

And my top most excuse of missing my gym is :

So, what is your excuse of missing the gym?

Doodle Day

I love reading quotes and few quotes are so deep that I can't able to stop myself writing them again for my own collections. My source of inspiration of such quotes are majorly from http://pintrest.com/.

I don't feel coloring my quotes and doodles. I feel they looks good in black only. After all the life is all about - White and Black Shades :).

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June 23, 2016

Doodle Day

Workshop angular2 and ES6 @ jslovers


Want to learn and explore Angularjs2 and ES6?

Join the JSLovers upcoming workshop @ Expedia Gurgaon on 26th June 2016.

For more details check :


Happy learning!!