June 26, 2011

Illustration Background - Vector Design

Few days back my friend asked me to make a simple background illustration in the illustrator.I was excited as from last 1 year I haven't touch the illustrator thanks to my all projects related to the websites only.So,I came up with the the following illustration using all basic techniques of the illustrator

Background Illustration in Illustrator by Neha Sharma

CSS3 Support for Newsletters

Designing in CSS3 and CSS3 features is now days the most exciting features for all designers and front-end developer.With the new and impressive features of CSS3 it is getting lot of attention and most awaited thing in the internet world.Although many features are available that we can use right now on our website but many of them are in still in drafting or under work.

I worked in Internet Marketing, designed and developed many newsletters and e-mailers, for designer like me I always wanted that there should also be upgrading in the way of coding of the newsletters.As, for newsletters and e-mailers coding we have to still use the old table based approach and inline based style sheet in which many of the tags are not supported by the newsletters.

But good to see the campaign monitor's latest guide for css3 support for newsletters that CSS3 is to some extent supported now in newsletters and full support on Apple Email, iphone and iPad.

Hope to see in future more support for the same.

you can check and download the guide in pdf format at Campaign Monitor

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