January 10, 2015

Foodie Day Out -1 - Diggn Cafe , Anand Lok

"All work and no fun makes the Jack a dull boy"

After a very hectic week finally on weekend and we went to the Diggn cafe at Anand lok. It is not so famous place but very eye catchy because of the decoration they have done lot of lights.

So a must to go place if you are looking for :

1) Good Ambiance - They have outdoor sitting as well as cozy indoor sitting too.Score -  4/5
2) Good Food - They serve the best pizza with thin crust baked in wooden oven,pasta, coffee, and a          good variety of drinks and desserts .Score -  5/5
3) Value to money - 5/5

A place to must visit.If you are looking for good food and ambiance especially at evening time.

Enjoy :)

January 09, 2015

Online website to Test your website performance, code quality, user experience

Nibbler is the site where you can get the score-card on the health of your website in the :

1) Code quality
2) User Experience
3) Website performance
4)  Accessibility
5) Social media presence
6) Content
7) Analytic and many more...

Go and explore your site:


Happy Testing.

January 08, 2015

How to keep yourself updated in Front-end Technologies?

So much to read and learn in the UI technology the challenge is not how to learn from where to learn but the challenge is how to keep yourself upto date for same.

Below link will help you to follow the right people, right blogs, right sites and right podcast:-


Happy Learning.

I love Pinterest!!

Let me confess this, I am addicted to Pinterest and why...you have to explore it and feel it.

If you are a photographer, foodie, designer, fashion lover, Home lover and what not... everything is here on Pinterest.

You can pin the favorites , Create the Board, share the board, share the pins, follow the people etc.

Go and Explore.