October 15, 2012

HTML5 Top 20 Questions


If you are a budding HTML5 Developer then this the post on HTML5doctor.com you did not miss.



October 14, 2012

Interview Questions for the UI developer

Interview Questions for the UI developer

Below are the selected questions for the UI Developer and Designers from the below categories

- Graphics
- UI Experience/Accessbility

1) What is the difference between HTML4, XHTML and HTML5?
2) How many doctypes we have and what are the difference between them?
3) What will happen if we don't declare any doctype?
4) What is the difference between Span and DIV?
5) How you decide when you have to take ID and when you have to take class?
6) What are the new APIs of HTML5?
7) What is difference between Section and div?
8) Name some HTML5 tags
9) How you define doctype in HTML5
10) Why we prefer DIV-based design and not Table bases design?

1) What is difference between CSS, CSS2 and CSS3?
2) Which are the ways in which you can add CSS to your page?
3) What is use of Important tag
4) How many positions we have and by default which position is used?
5) What if floating and how can you remove them?
6) What is global reseting?
7) How to write the CSS specific for IE versions?
8) what is "*" means?
9) What is CSS selector?
10) How to Inheritance in CSS

1) What are the best praticse while writing HTML
2) Which are the top 5 performance measure you take when do markup/CSS/JS
3) How you make sure that your markup is meeting SEO requirements
4) What is CSS Spirits and where to use them?
5) What is the difference between JPEG/GIF/PNG?
6) What is user accessibility? How you meet it?
7) Explain the process followed when you start a project.
8) What is CDN and how they are useful?
9) What is difference between RGB and CMYK mode
10) Which cross browser issues you faced and how you fixed them?

All the best.