January 26, 2019

Cloud for Dummies

Cloud is the most exciting and popular technology right now. Everyone is moving to cloud. But what it is? Why it is so popular? If you are a front/web developer like me who spent his/her all years in doing only front-end and never saw anything beyond the front-end domain and you are now curious to know what exactly cloud is? Why it is getting all the attention of the world...then this post is for you.

January 23, 2019

4 awesome features of chrome Dev Tools

As a developer, we are using chrome dev tool a lot. There are many many great features in chrome dev tools and many of them are under utilized. Most of the developers just end up using only a few features of it. Today I am going to show you a few features that will help you in your development and dev flow.

ES6 Map() Object

In Javascript, we have mainly two types to store data for complex data or mixed type of data - Array and Objects. Whereas in the rest of the programming language we have many more data structures. Objects are the most flexible and useful when you want to store the data in a key/value pair. The only issue is that the key can be only String.