January 26, 2019

Cloud for Dummies

Cloud is the most exciting and popular technology right now. Everyone is moving to cloud. But what it is? Why it is so popular? If you are a front/web developer like me who spent his/her all years in doing only front-end and never saw anything beyond the front-end domain and you are now curious to know what exactly cloud is? Why it is getting all the attention of the world...then this post is for you.

Cloud is solving a lot of problems of the developers, and business/product owners. Apart from providing cheap, reliable, scalable and flexible hosting solutions, taking care of many maintenances stuffs as well as cloud also provides good security and support too. So, that we can focus on just developing the applications and leave hosting and other tasks on cloud providers. But the cloud is not just limited to hosting it has a lot to offer too. In old times, where we used to depend upon expensive hosting plans, non-scalable and flexible. Every time the business/product owners used to struggle to add more space, to get the maintenance and support. With cloud now, such problems are resolved.

What cloud offer is:

  • Hosting 
  • Database 
  • Virtual Machines 
  • Cloud functions Security & privacy Storage 
  • and many more that too at one place only.

New way or cloud way

Cloud has a solution for everyone. With very good support and response. So, the cloud is the way to do the stuff now!!

Types of clouds?

  1. Public - Providers like Google, Amazon etc provides the public cloud where the resources are shared among consumers. 
  2. Private - Customers/Users buy their own cloud space and it is private to them and not shared among anyone else. 
  3.  Hybrid - This is the combination of public and private cloud.

Provider of clouds:

  • Amazon 
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • VMware and many more

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