June 12, 2009


SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the most important step of every web site. To achieve the good result from the SEO one has to do the SEO job from the starting of the website slicing. How? It's simple but very important too. You can win the half battle of SEO if you will start making your XHTML according to the web crawler. Below are few points that every designer should do while doing XHTML of website.

1) Right and Meaningful Title
Designers should use the title tag properly. Title is the name of the page and every designer should name it properly and very accurate. You can put your keywords too in the title tag to catch the web crawler.

2) Keywords - The Gold Treasure!
The core of the good SEO result in the keywords. Choose the best keywords from the pool of the keywords. Try to get those keywords that is more accurate to your website theme and can get more traffic through the search engine.

3) ALT tag - what is this?
Are you using images? Then NEVER EVER forget to put the ALT tag . ALT tag is the replacement text of the images. So, that when the web crawler is crawling and reaches the images it can read the ALT tag where the description of the images is there. As we all know that Web Crawler just love content and content so the key is that you can put your keywords in alt tags too.

4) Give title tag to links
Yes, you read the right thing. Don't leave your links blank. Just add one title tag in the anchor tag to put your keywords and some little more description of the link in that title tag. The reason is same our Web Crawler.

5) Links,Links and Links
Yes, links are very very useful to catch Web Crawler. Try to put your keywords in the link tag. Look the example:

Put your keyword here

So, replace all "Read more.." or "Find More..." with the keywords.

6) Minimium Flash
Oh ! I love flash...those effects those flashy things but oops!!! Our web crawler hate it as it cannot read it. So, if your aim is the SEO than AVOID flash...use it to the minimal.As, web crawler cannot read the flash and it will be the biggest disadvantage for your website.

7) So many images!!!
Yes, we have ALT tag but that doesn't mean that you will put everything in the ALT tag and make your website full of images. It will make the website heavy and as a result takes lot of time in downloading. Use images but only when require.

8) No Broken Links
Check,check and check again. Always check for the broken images and links. And if you find them, fix them ASAP as web crawler hate broken things.

9) Understand Web Crawler
Yes, go close to web crawler it wont hurt you. Make him your friend and understand his needs..how he walks, what he loves and what he don't and than analyze your XHTML and change it according to the your new friend Web Crawler.

10) Content and Content- Jackpot
Last but not the least.The most important essence of the SEO is the Content. Write original, Accurate and relevant content and see the Magic. Content is the favorite food of web crawler.

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