April 14, 2011

My Journey to Internet Marketing

Hi Friends,

Thanks to my previous job I got myself into new world of Internet Marketing.For me internet Marketing was just about SEO, link building, alt tags etc.But I was totally wrong.

But I am happy to get myself to internet marketing and to challenge my skills as web designer and graphic

We as designer when ever present our website design to client we always say LOADS of beautiful stuff about our design and claims that by keeping in mind the target audience and user we have done the navigation,images or Blah Blah.

But do we actually read or study our target audience?Do we ever design and then re-design our website on the basis of our target audience response?Do we ever measure our design effectiveness?The strong area the weak area?

Thanks to "Internet Marketing" where it is all about study and read your audience behavior, there like there dislike, to LOVE them in short.

First lesson I learned in Internet Marketing is to not design for yourself design for your target audience.you have to keep yourself in some others shoes and then start your thinking process.

Internet marketing is all about measuring the ROI of your every design.you can sit and check each and every thing where the user click most and from where he comes to where he goes and where he drop.

Internet Marketing is related to Paid and free, so getting maximum ROI from that is the biggest challenge for the designer,especially when you are designing newsletters and e mailers...you have to drop all the graphics, all images and go back to the table codes and design by keeping in mind that the what if images will be block? What if user is too busy to open email..what should we keep the subject line to make him open the email?

So, designing for internet marketing is very different from the website designing.But it is fun and challenging too.It is fun to study your audience to fall in love with them , to keep experimenting new things, to keep measuring your design effectiveness, its success rate.Challenge is to get maximum ROI.

I really want to admit this that just because of my exposure to internet marketing, I am able to re-work on my website design concepts and design.Now, I design and test and check the result and then re-design again.This really help me to stand out of crowd of other designers.



print shop westpalmbeach said...

That is the way to the market it is very different then other have you any different experience in this journey please share here some good new during the work.

Neha Sharma said...


Well there are lot to share...but the one most important I learned in my career was happen with a basic design for emailer....I designed a emailer for some university and that was very impressive design but no clicks no leads nothing came out...then we try a very very simple design for same university and response was good.So, its not necessary what you are feeling is very impressive turnout to be the good on ROI scale...we need to make it to be like by the target audience.