March 09, 2019

Cloud Computing

If you are starting to learn cloud irrespective of it is Azure, AWS or any.  Cloud computing's concepts remain the same. Cloud computing is the backbone of the cloud. When you are starting a project and designing a solution or architecture for the company or product, you will decide which cloud computing to be followed.

Every cloud computing comes with its own pros, cons and it also impacts the cost too. So, while deciding which one to pick, consider everything.

In Azure we have three types of cloud computing:

  1. IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service
  2. SaaS - Software as a Service
  3. PaaS - Platform as a Service

#1 IaaS - Infrastructure as a service

This gives you full control of the cloud. IaaS is all about managing your infrastructure such as network, hardware, VMs, etc.

  • In IaaS, Azure will take care of all the infrastructure things whereas you can focus on the building software, product or your application.
  • It is important to note, that the responsibility is shared between Azure and you. Azure will make your that network, hardware, etc will be up and running while you need to make sure that you have configured them correctly.

Where to use?

  • Migration
  • Hosting websites
  • Testing and Deployment
  • Storage, backup and recovery


  •  No upfront cost
  • Only pay for what you use

#PaaS - Platform as a Service

  •  PaaS will give you the control of the building and deploying the applications you are building. It gives you the OS and Infra required.
  • PaaS provides you the infrastructure, tools, and services required to develop and deploy your application. You don't need to worry about the infrastructure and just focus on the development part.
  •  When you are deploying by PaaS, you don't need to install any server and, system or OS update. PaaS is a complete development and deployment solution on cloud.

Where to use?

  • Development
  • Analytics


  • No upfront cost
  • Only pay for what you use

#SaaS - Software as a Service

  • SaaS is a software that is centrally hosted and managed for the customers.
  • It is based on the architecture where one version is used by many licensed customers

Where to use?

  • Office 365
  • Skype


You pay for the subscription monthly or annually.

With each layer, you pick the ownership of responsibility also varies.

Happy Learning!!

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