December 24, 2019

Day 15: Design System Pitfalls #25DaysOfDS

You will hear or read a lot around the Design system and why one should consider building or adapting one. Before committing yourself to the Design system, it is important to understand the other (non-happy) side of the design system too.

When not to have the Design system?

  1. When your team is too small. When 'small' is 'small'? Like 1-3 devs and 1 UX person.
  2. When you have just projects and each with different UI and UX.
  3. When you have small scale projects and just 4-5.
  4. When you have only a few large projects
  5. When every client has different UX and UI requirements
  6. When your UI and UX is changing too frequently

Yes, having a design system is tempting but it is a huge time, resources, and money investment not for building but for maintaining too. Hence, decide on the Design system after well through thinking.

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