January 08, 2020

All about Meetup & my experience

I started my journey of JSLovers 5 years back. I didn't know we would come so far. I learned a lot in these 5 years. I learned how to organize meetups, how to expand the meetups, I became a tech speaker and a lot more.

I wrote a few blogs on the Meetups, organizing the meetups, my learning experience, etc. Resharing these again if someone is looking for some help.

Because when I started no one helped and supported me and I know how hard it is.

A day at JSLovers Meetup

The Organizer Guide 101

What I learned as an Organizer of Tech meetup

Yes, I am a female-tech speaker & here is my Journey

JSConf, EU: Journey of JS community from 2 to 2k members

Meetup Togetherfest, NYC

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