June 09, 2009

Typography in Designing

Typography plays a vital role in the Print as well as the Web Designing. Good and proper way of presenting Typography helps in boosting the design and also give an attractive look to our simple design.Typography can give simple, sleek look and also funky and grunge look too. But the most important thing is to use it in good and better way.Although most of the web designer complaints that there is only a bunch of hand full web safe fonts only that they can use and put in there website. But if we will try to make those hand full of web-safe font in the more good and presentable way then you will be able to see the difference.

So, here are some guidelines that you can follow to make your dull Typography bright and to boost up your web site.

1) Do not mix too many Fonts
Many designers try to use different types of font in one single home page in order to spice up the page but they forget that too many things can make the page clumsy and cluttered which lead to confusion only.
So, instead of using too many different fonts in single web page try to stick to only 2 fonts. One for headings and one for the body text.By this you are also maintaing the consistency in the design too.

2) Choosing right font-size
This is the one of the very common issue with the web designers.When ever they are declaring the font-size they forget the term “Useability and accessability”.Most of the times the designers don’t follow any pattern and without any thought they randomly declare the links in bigger and bold and rest of the content in 11 px .
But the key is to first see what meesage you want to convey to the users by that particular content and after that decide what is the most important word or phrase in the content.After this,Heading should always be big in size and clear cut..so that it can speak for itself that I am the heading. In body content highlight only those words, links or phrases that you can catch the interest of the user.

3) Right font-color

Whether we are doing designing for web or print we should always follow the terms...“Useability and Accessability”.We should use the font color which is easily readable. Using light font color on light color background would not highlight the text and will not be readable at all. Same in the case if we use the font color that is merging with the background, so always choose the font color that is easily readable and coming out from the background.

4) Alignment

A simple website with good and proper alignment can do wonders in compression to the best design, highly creative but non-aligned website.Aligmeny is the key of the presentation of the design.
Alignment gives the look that the things are well placed rather than just laid off. So try to align each n every thing on the web page with each another and then see the magic of the word “Alignment”

5 )Consistent

Although consistent should be the first key advice to the designer but what I feel is that once you have followed the above 6 rules, the consistency will come by itself.
Consistency in design make wonders and give the user love at first sight with the design.

Typography in Web Design


Shahid said...

Hi Neha! I really appreciate the points discussed in the post. It will be great help to all designers! Keep up the Good Work. Waiting for more posts from ur side.

Neha Sharma said...

Thanks Sam!! You will get more good and interesting post in future too..

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Your work is really appreciable, I like it make sure sam ne help na ki ho

Neha Sharma said...

@quantamresearch Thanks Niks.Yup without sam's help this blog couldn't be possible.