August 08, 2017

[JSLovers Meetup] Thisdot + JSLovers (Reactjs, Graphql and more..)

Hey Guys,

I am excited to announce that JSLovers and Thisdot is doing a collab meetup on 26th August 2017 at Microsoft , Gurgaon. This is the way community grows. We have the speakers from USA, Bangalore and Delhi/Gurgaon too. 

I know Tracy , who is the co-founder of the Thisdot from Twitter. This year when I was in GoogleIO I met her personally and talked about a collab event in India. Finally her team flew here and we planned the whole event. 

A big thanks goes to the Microsoft for helping us in sponsoring this event. 

In this event  we will have code-labs + talks and on various topics such as - Reactjs, Typescript, GraphQL,  Unit tests and few more. Yes, it is going to be a long day but when you have such awesome line of speakers then one can site whole day to learn from them. 

Here is the detail page.

PS: This is a free event but registration is required. Entry will be based on the invites only.*

See you all soon :) 

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