July 28, 2017

[JSLovers - Meetup] Your Vote Does Matter (atleast for JSLovers)

Hey Peeps, 

As you know that I am the organizer of JSLovers community - Delhi/Mumbai. 

 I was getting lot of request in Delhi Meetup to do a Javascript focus meetup as we did our last "Let's decode Javascript Series" approx. 2.3 years ago. 

The problem is that now the JSLovers is big community from all level I wanted to check will it be beneficial if we do a codelab on Intermediate Javascript . 

So I opened a poll on meetup page to vote. This is up till August 1st week. 

PS: Only those who are in Delhi/Gurgaon and ready to attend meetup should vote. No, we haven't decided any date but would be in September. 

Here is the Poll Link 

Happy Voting!!

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