November 13, 2019

AMA with Scott Halensman

Recently I have been invited to the MSIgnite 2019 in Florida. MSIgnite is a week-long celebration of the Microsoft technologies about the new tech, announcements and lot more. I was there from the JSLovers (My community) and interact with the experts and other community leaders.

One of the activities was AMA with Scott Hanselman. I heard a lot about him and I was curious to meet him in person. AMA was attended by 15 community leaders worldwide and it was an off-record and most candid conversation we had.

Today I am going to share a few of things I learned from AMA

 1) No one is an expert 

Scott started the conversation by breaking the myth that the developers, speakers, or in fact him, we look up to are not the 'expert' but are the continuous 'learner' who are not ready to give up.

Scott shared his 'black notebook' in which he writes all his talks outline and carries with him. No one can remember all the syntax and things. Everyone needs some help.

Takeaway: It is totally okay not to be an expert but it is not okay if you are not a learner.

2) Do something if you are passionate about that

Just because someone is blogging, podcasting or YouTubing it doesn't mean you also need to that.
Scott mentioned that - "we developers end up comparing ourselves with others and lose our uniqueness and passion. If you are passionate about blogging then no matter what will happen you will keep doing it. But if you are going to do it because some X person is doing there would be a time when you will stop it."

He gave the example of his podcast. He did 200 episodes which no one was listening to. He did those podcast episodes for him, not for others and today his podcast is one of the most listened ones.

Now, people look at his podcast's success but they miss that there were 200 non-stop episodes that no one checked. He didn't stop making them because he was passionate about that.

Takeaway: Do something for your passion not because someone else is doing it.

3) You need discipline 

We need discipline in our life to have consistency. As developers, we keep cribbing about how we don't have time and due to which we are not able to do something else.

Scott gave the example of blogging. People keep saying - "Now, we will be blogging regularly" and then they vanished. He gave his example - "I don't do blogging every day". I blog only twice a week. This is my schedule and this is the discipline I am following. From so many years I am following this and I have consistency in my blogging."

Takeaway: To have the consistency we need disciple in our life.

4) Use technology to have more effective meetups 

There were CL (community Leaders) from worldwide. One of the Community Leader was of Brazil community organizer of Brazil JS - Andreza. She mentioned that in Brazil, her community does one of the biggest conferences of 3000 developers but only 2% people speak English there. This creates a gap between English speaking speakers and brazil devs.

She asked Scott- "How we can fill this gap"? Scott's mentioned that there is MS technology for subtitles (live in almost all languages). Even Scott did the testing in Hindi, Spanish to show all of us how it works. He also demonstrated a live translate app that Andrza can use while communicating to the English speaking folks in the MSIgnite as well as anywhere.

6) Haters gonna hate

This was my question to Scott - "How you handle negative comments and people".

He told me - "Just ignore them. Haters gonna hate. There are people who are looking up to you and you need to focus on them. As well as, you are doing everything first for your passion and happiness. Focus on yourself and those people who appreciate it." 

He also mentioned the blocking and soft blocking on social media. The moment you feel someone is bringing negativity to not think once in blocking them.

What is your mantra of living your life? Let me know, I would love to learn from you :)

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