November 19, 2019

How I started with Calligraphy

I am a tech person yet get fascinated by the art and colors. I always wanted to learn the art and try my hands on the same. After trying many random things, finally — I picked calligraphy. This was not the first time I picked calligraphy to learn. For many years I was doing calligraphy but I was not satisfied at all. So a few months back I actually started learning Calligraphy.
My Instagram and my Twitter where I shared my art almost weekly.

This is my present work :)

This from where I started:

Although it is not so perfect I am happy with my journey and enjoy it. So, how I came this far?

  1. Decision — “I WILL DO IT”
  2. Follow artists on Instagram, Youtube & Pinterest — Dedicatedly watched, saved & try to copy their work.
  3. Getting the tools — I was new to calligraphy. So, choosing the right tools is always a big struggle for me. Thanks to the Youtube channels and Pinterest - I used to screen capture of the tools and paper artists on these platforms using and get the same for myself.
  4. A lot of practice sheets — For starting months I didn’t invest much on expensive practice sheets. I picked all the possible papers I can at my home on which I can do my calligraphy.
  5. 1hr daily for practice — Without missing a single day!!

I am not bragging that I am the best calligraphy artist but the point I am making here is nothing is impossible. All you need to do is just give your 100%.
The idea was simple — Dedicate 1 hour daily to the calligraphy. Look at other’s work. Try to learn from them. If you got stuck somewhere ask for help from those folks. Trust me they are very helpful

What did I learn?

  • Practice makes a man/women perfect — 100% true
  • You need passion and patience.
  • Calligraphy taught me how to control my hand's movement.
  • Calligraphy taught me how to put pressure and when to let it go.
  • How never leave space between characters (people).
  • Go with the flow.
  • There is nothing perfect. It is all about the journey.
  • Black and white are also beautiful and so are the other colors.
  • Even Black color is beautiful.
"There is no definition of art, creativity, artist. It is just about what you love doing."
I was successfully able to finish my #inkoctober challenge after 2 years. Here are my inkoctober‘17 [Yes, after Black color, I picked orange color :) ]

As I am into tech…it was a break for me to take from the computer screen and indulging myself into calligraphy. Holding pen and paper and getting myself into the strokes and admiring others' work.

Thank YOU!! I hope you enjoyed this ❤

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