November 21, 2019

Vegetarian food guide while travelling abroad

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Welcome to my new post. Today I am not going to talk about the tech but going to talk about the most important thing -"Veg food guide".  If you are a traveler, going to on-site, going to attend a conference or going as a speaker first time then the thought after visa + passport would be - "What I am gonna eat there?", especially if you are a vegetarian *. Well, this guide is for you:

1) Chipotle

This is a Mexican chain. You will find it in the USA, UK, and EU too. They have rice bowls, chips, and cold drinks. As a vegetarian or vegan. You can just go there ask what you have it is customized a bowl

2) Shack Shake

This is one of my favorite burger chains. For veggies sadly there is only 1 option shroom burger (mushroom). But it is BEST!! for vegan and non-mushroom lovers do try their fries those are yummiest.

3) California Pizza

This is the pizza chain in India and outside India. They do have veg pizzas, pasta, etc. but it could be a little bit expensive. If you don't have any option then go ahead and have food from here. There is no point in saving money if you will starve to death :p

4) Sandwiches, Subs, Burger, pizza shop

Look for any local cafe, sandwich, subs, burger shop chances are they will have at least 1 vegetarian option. Make sure the cheeseburger is not veg it is a beef burger. Always ask -"No meat, no fish". The best would be if they can make a custom order in this case you can ask them to add as many as veg things you want to have.

5) Mc Donalds, Burger King, etc

Many such chains don't have any burgers or wraps for vegetarians but always go and check. As I remember in my recent trip to Florida, the Mc' Donalds there was having only salad in veg but when I was in Scotland they were having veg burgers, in Orlando Mc' Donalds had only salad, at Boston they had one vegetarian burger. So, always go and check with the server.

6) What else?

The one thing I do before going to any country is to check near buy grocery shops at my stay. I go and buy some fruits, snacks such as wafers, biscuits, cold drinks, etc fon the first day only.  It is also good to carry some snacks with you in luggage however do check what is allow and what you can carry as per law. Such as fruits are not allowed in international travel, liquids are not allowed.

You can have tap water in the UK, the USA, Europe. But do check before having water. If you will buy water bottles it will be expensive. So, a good idea to carry to a reusable water bottle from your home and refill it whenever you need ti. Also, the mother earth will be thankful to you too :)

Use Pinterest to search for the hidden food places and guides in the country you are visiting.

If you have any tips or anything you want to know..let me know in comments.

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