November 26, 2019

25 Days of Design System #25DaysofDS

This December (2019) I will be taking the challenge of writing 25 articles on the Design System - #25DaysofDS. I am pushing myself a lot here. I hope I will be able to do it.

Below are the 25 topics related to the Design Systems I can think of. Wish me luck.

Day 1: What is the Design system?

Day 2: When to create a Design System?

Day 3: How to Start with the Design System

Day 4: Design System Architecture of components

Day 5: What design system should not have

Day 6: Tech tools for your Desgin system

Day 7: How to pick the Tech of your Design System

Day 8: Minimum component your Design system should have

Day 9: Checklist to release your Design system

Day 10: Design system components and flexibility

Day 11: Design system Developer experience

Day 12: Design system Documentation

Day 13: Design system Folks to follow

Day 14: Design system Builds

Day 15: Design system Pitfalls

Day 16: Research and design system

Day 17: Design System team building

Day 18: Design system components depreciation

Day 19: Popular Design system

Day 20: Adding new components in Design system

Day 21: Design system Testing

Day 22: TBD

Day 23: TBD

Day 24: TBD

Day 25: TBD

Few other topics I can think of:

1) Design tokens
2) Testing
3) performance
4) Speed
5) Collaboration
6) Open-sourcing your Design system
7) Security

PS: The topics I will keep adding. Order of post can vary :) 

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