November 06, 2019

How to learn new technology?

Learning new technology could be overwhelming as so many resources are available around the developers. Meetups, books, conferences, YouTube tutorials, online education websites, Twitch...etc.

So, how to learn something new, how to pick the right mode and tutorial to learn? Not just learn but also to make sure how to be on the schedule and don't get distracted.

Below is my path of learning new technologies:

1) Mode of Learning

I prefer to have a mix-mode of learning. I start with basics videos on YouTube and then get the book for myself to read it. I prefer books because I enjoy reading books and making notes on them.

2) Budget

Do I have the budget to buy a course or a book? Generally, I start with free e-books and courses. I give it a try to see if I am able to understand the technology or I am not able to. Once I am confident that yes, I am able to pick the technology and it is having my interest only then I start thinking about buying the required material for the

3) Time

Instead of setting goals like I will finish 1 chapter daily or 1 section of videos every day. I started doing 1 hour daily or for starting 30 mins daily I will read or learn. My target is about how long I can focus 100%. Also, due to my work I don't have much time for learning but 30 mins I can accommodate either at commute time, before sleeping, at lunchtime so on.

It is more about having discipline rather than having big plans like I will finish this course in 1 week. Instead, have a goal - every day before going to work for 30 mins I will invest in learning new skills.

5) Learn in the public/ or not learn in the public

Many people feel that if they come public about their commitment to learning new things or doing a task they will be under social pressure and they have to do it. In my case, it is not the case. I want to learn because for my self. If I start putting things in public then I get distracted from people asking me questions, suggesting new stuff and all. Instead what I do is - I reach to a certain level and then start sharing on social media about what I learned and what I made from that.

So, you need to understand yourself better before you just going in public about your commitments. Remember the goal is to learn a new skill rather than getting public attention.

6) Revise

During our school days teachers and parents used to emphasis a lot on the 'revision' at that time I never understood the importance of that but today when I am occupied with many things as well as want to learn a new skill. Revision is the most important tool to keep me on track.

While learning new tech, I made hand made notes and after every 3 days, I revise them. As well as, they will become my place to revisit for a quick cheat-sheet.

Let me know in the comments if you have your own strategy or secrets which worked for you.

Happy Learning!!

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